Monday, March 15, 2010

Life lessons

There comes a time in every ones life when they sit back and start to review "who they are", or "what they want from life".
i can guarantee that everyone at some stage in their life has sat back and thought those same things, some later or earlier then others.
i have decided to start writing, not to display my life, my views or even my experiences, but to make a difference.
We have all heard the saying "do as i say, not as i do", well if you yourself have ever used it then you yourself hold the answers to those questions. As we can all give advice, but really can we? when we so often choose not to listen to ourselves, or our own advice. Deep within yourself only you hold the answers to what is right for you, we just need to learn to be open with ourselves and take a step back as you review a situation as if you would do for a close friend and you will find those answers yourself.
If you are unhappy with a situation or even yourself only you have the power to change that. Alot of the time you will find most of your answers mean CHANGE and CHANGE is one of the most scariest things in life because we all create a comfort zone, but by taking one small step at a time it doesn't seem so overwhelming, try not to look at the bigger picture just look at it as a long race and just focus on one hurdle at a time.
we all know its easier said then done, I'm asking you as a reader to sit back and choose one small thing in your life, it doesn't matter how small as everything is a stepping stone to Begin with, take that situation and view it, change your way of thinking, think about the positives or what small changes you can make to be able to look at that situation and see the positives, only focus on that, wash the negative away and just see where it leads you, by doing this you will find things will fall just where there meant to. But remember start small.
i would love to hear your thoughts and discus what you have found from this for yourself.
Life is to short, you get one shot at it, so do it your way, be happy, don't just dream, create your dreams.
Always remember that bad things only happen for the life lesson, its what you choose to take from those experiences that make us who we are today.
i look forward to your responses and continuing my blog, not to judge but to make a difference.
Everyone needs someone.